About Tom Zuback

Tom Zuback started his photography career by taking numerous classes offered in college while pursuing his graphic design degree.  After graduating with a BFA in graphic design from Wilkes College, he worked in the graphic arts and signage industry, while always continuing his passion for photography.  After a few years, he was able to focus his career solely on photography and became a photojournalist and still photographer for the entertainment industry.


Tom joined the Cinematographer/Still Photographer's Union, Local 600, and documents and creates publicity images for feature films and tv shows.  He has worked for many organizations and publications such as Corbis, Sipa Press, Patrick McMullan, Retna, and The New York Post.  His images have been published in such publications as Time magazine, People magazine, USA Today, The Village Voice, New York Daily News, Rolling Stone magazine, Variety, Ocean Drive, and numerous others.


Tom's fun-loving, laid back style and documentary approach makes him an ideal photographer to capture the special moments of a wedding or any event.  He loves to capture images that the bride and groom do not get to see, and document the wedding or event, telling a story, recording the details and emotions of the day.  He feels it is a huge responsibility and works hard to impress the bride and groom in anticipation of the day when they see the images and start work on their album.  He knows these images will be enjoyed and treasured for generations to come, and wants to make their wedding photographs as special and amazing as possible.